Maintenance Mode

Database type

FusionAuth is in maintenance mode because your database is not ready, it is either not running or does not contain the FusionAuth database or tables.

Superuser credentials

Provide your existing database superuser username and password. This information will be used to validate your database configuration and to create the FusionAuth database. If you do not know the database superuser credentials, you will need to ask your database administrator.

This username and password will only be used during this database configuration step and will not be stored by FusionAuth for future use.

FusionAuth credentials

Provide a new username and password to own the FusionAuth database. This database user will be created with the provided password if it does not exist, if you specify a database user that already exists, you must also provide the correct password.

This username and password will be stored in the FusionAuth configuration file and used to connect to your database at runtime.